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ConOrg '98 Registration is only available through snail-mail (as online Registration is currently beyond my capacity to administer) besides the credit card option is too expensive. The Registration Form is available at the link below in a few formats. Please complete all applicable details and forward it (along with a cheque for your $25 attendance fee) to the following address:

Genre Manipulations
ConOrg '98
19 Emily Street
Leichhardt  NSW  2040

All Registrations are due by September 1, 1998.

All cheques should be made out to 'Genre Manipulations'. Please note that Registration will not be confirmed until cheque clearance.


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ConOrg '98 - Room 5B.1.14
(The room designation refers to Block 5, Building 5 [Law], Level 1, Room 14 and will be signposted)

Registration night Entrance through the Faculty of Law Building, Quay Street

UTS Markets Campus - Haymarket


ConOrg '98 has an Accommodation Contact, for those who are travelling fair distances and require either Travel and/or Accommodation assistance.

The ConOrg '98 Accommodation/Travel contact is: Nicole Roberts. Please email her and/or note any requirements which you may have on the back of your Registration Form.



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