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Australian RPG Archive


After seeing a number of Australian Roleplaying Game (RPG) sites disappear that I thought were interesting and worth keeping I decided to create Aus RPG Archive to keep a copy of these pages for prosperity.

These pages have been collected from the WayBackMachine. Unfortunatly many of the sites in the WayBackMachine are incomplete, so not all the sites in this archive are complete versions.

But if they are in WayBackMachine why collect them here? Because the wayback machine can be a pain to search sometimes, and the stuff in WayBackMachine does not appear in search engines. Plus it is easier to link to them here.

That being said, if there is a site of your's on here that you wanted to disappear and don't want mirrored please drop me an email and I will remove the site from this archive.


Sites Archived

ConOrg 98
Website for the 4th Australian RPG Convention Organisers Conference, held in Sydney in September 1998. Contains information about the conference and downloadable copies of the papers that were presented.
MacquarieCon 2005
Website for the MacquarieCon 2005, held at Macquarie University in Sydney in December 2005. Contains information about the convention and the games that were run .

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