MacquarieCon 2005
A list of the events on offer at MacquarieCon 2005.

At this stage the information regarding games presented at MacquarieCon 2005 is incomplete. The list of games and the content of game blurbs is subject to change. Please check back regularly.

Game Category players sessions
Battle of the Bands Science Fiction 4-6 1
Conan: The Treasure of Taruccio Fantasy 5 1
The Council of the Million Spheres Freeform 15 1
The Delirium Stone Fantasy 4-6 1
DnD Miniatures Non-RPG Tournaments 4
Extraordinary Circumstances Science Fiction 5 1
Land Rights For Little People Fantasy 4-6 1
A Night to Remember, A Night to Forget Freeform 26 1
One Born Every Minute Other 4-6 1
Plague of Darkness Science Fiction 4-6 1
The Saga of Raven's Nest: Balance Other 25 1
Regime Change Fantasy 5 1
Seen and Not Heard Fantasy 5 1
The Rock Other 5 1
Wan Chai Blues: The Toyshop of a Thousand Daggers Other 4-6 1
Zombie Hordes in Pamela Anderson Block Science Fiction 4-6 1
players Number of players required for the game.
sessions Number of sessions per team.

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