MacquarieCon 2005

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General Enquiries
If you wish to know more about MacquarieCon, or MURPS (the organisation behind the con), then send your e-mail directly here:

Bo Jonak - Vice President of MURPS
Bo is the convenor of MacquarieCon this year, so enquiries can also be directed to him.
Phone: 0405 342 663

David Byrne - Webmaster
Any enquiries regarding the website can be made here

Luke Strotz
President of MURPS
Phone: 0403 511 884

MacCon News

3 Dec - Due to unforseen circumstances, Alternate Worlds will not be able to attend MacCon after all. This means we are currently unable to offer the CCGs and CMGs they were planning to run.

18 Nov - Info on the demo of Mage Master available in the Downloads section

13 Nov - All the blurbs are up, and the entry form is now live. See you at the con

16 Oct - More game blurbs up now.

15 Oct - Updated session times and costs. CCG schedule is up. Thanks to Alternate Worlds for running our CCG tournaments! A few more game blurbs to go and the entry form will be open.

2 Oct - Session times and costs now up! The entry form will be available soon!

26 Sep - New "Downloads" section (available in the menu) with a character list for one of the freeforms.

28 Aug - The "Contact" and "Info" menu links now work. As always, details aren't yet set in stone, so check back frequently.

15 Aug - Some game blurbs are up. Feel free to have a look around, but the list is still incomplete

5 Aug - MacCon 05 site goes live. Please bear with us while we get things up and running

Quick Info

When: 9-11 December 2005
Where: Macquarie University, North Ryde (NSW)
Cost: $5/session to a max $30
Rego: 8 December 2005

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